Only the best for Kirchberg

We have developed an absolutely new concept for the pharmacy in Kirchberg. Instead of the rather sterile look of other pharmacies, we set everything on your wellness, comfort and satisfaction, beginning with the ambience. The lovely, warm and friendly alpine styling of our pharmacy makes you feel better right away. You don't have to look for us behind a labyrinth of shelves, we are right in the middle of the room. All of our colleagues speak English, so do not hesitate to speak to any of us, we are happy to help you.

Our huge variety of products is visualized digitally, no matter what your inquiry is. Our Health experts can show you a virtual shelf with all the products that could help in your individual situation, within 3 clicks. This way you easily have the overview over our extremely vide variety on products.

Most of our products are located in our robotized storage system, so our experts can order the product of your choice automatically and spend all their time giving you the best advise rather then running around and collecting your order. You can have a look on our robot through the window in the kids playcorner.

We also serve tees and vitamin drinks at our Bar, wich you can also enjoy by sitting on our comfy couch.

Try the new pharmacy experience in our new experience-pharmacy! We are happy to serve you!
Best regards,
Dr. Peter Deak
and the Team oft he Pharmacy Kirchberg